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Course 202 – Physical and Life Sciences: Foundation Blocks of Humanism
with Faculty Dale Bryant
Friday, April 20 – Sunday, 22, 2018
(9am to 5pm each day)
American Humanist Association Office
1821 Jefferson Pl, NW, Washington, DC 20036
Cost includes daily breakfast and lunch

Understand the various attacks on, problems for, and factors influencing the pursuit of science, which is a foundation block of humanism. Scientific work is done in a cultural setting, which is influenced by the politics and economic factors of the day. In the past we have had to worry about the “creationists.” While the creationists are still present and doing damage, there are new challenges in the postmodern world. Truth claims come from various ethnic groups with alternative stories. All are looking for validation. Challenges come from feminism, multiculturalism and religious conservatives. This course explores these issues to better understand what science is, what it does, and what it tells us.

Only students who have completed prerequisite Course 101 (The Humanist Lifestance) may enroll in Course 202. Minimum of 5 enrolled students is required to offer any course. Please email us if interested in Course 101.

Enroll in Physical and Life Sciences


Dale Bryant is the Technology Director at Wunderman, a global digital advertising agency. He holds a MLIS from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a MS in American history from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Despite growing up in a very rural and religious part of South Dakota and spending four years at an Evangelical boarding school, Dale managed to leave his superstitions behind. Today he has a passion for history, skepticism, and science education.