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Course 101 – The Humanist Lifestance
with Faculty James Croft & Anne Klaeysen
Friday, August 24 – Sunday, August 26, 2018
(9am to 5pm each day)
American Humanist Association Office
1821 Jefferson Pl, NW, Washington, DC 20036
Cost includes daily breakfast and lunch

This pre-requisite course introduces students to in-depth critical thinking, analytic discussion and other methods of instruction that make the Humanist Studies Program distinct. This course provides the fundamentals necessary to prepare students for further exploration of humanism in proceeding courses throughout the program. We will address questions of personal meaning, worth, and significance in a naturalistic way through readings, films, and personal storytelling. Field trips will include local museums and exhibits where we can engage one another in exploring these questions.

What characteristics distinguish humankind in contrast to other living things? Are these characteristics fixed or can they be changed by experience? What causes someone to think, feel or act the way they do? Is humankind naturally good or evil? Are we inherently selfish? Where do we come from? Why are we here? How should we treat each other? How do we know what is true? Read full course description.

Minimum of 5 enrolled students is required to offer any course.
Registration is closed for August Course. Please email education@americanhumanist.org if interested in future class.


Dr. James Croft is Outreach Leader at the Ethical Society of St. Louis. He studied education at the Universities of Cambridge and Harvard, and completed his Doctorate at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He is a graduate and former board member of The Humanist Institute. His writing can be found in The Humanist magazine and on Huffington Post. James was raised on Shakespeare, Sagan, and Star Trek, and is a proud, gay Humanist.

Dr. Anne Klaeysen is a Leader at New York Society for Ethical Culture, the Ethical Humanist Religious Life Adviser at Columbia University, and the Humanist Chaplain at New York University. She was co-dean of The Humanist Institute (now the AHA Center for Education). She holds a Doctor of Ministry degree in pastoral counseling from Hebrew Union College, as well as master’s degrees in German from the State University New York Albany and business administration from NYU.