Political Activism: Lobbying

How to Become Politically Active in Your Community


imagesBeing politically active does not mean yelling during campaign commercials. By taking this online course, you likely already realize this! This course will make it easier for you to engage your elected officials—the people you hired by voting for them to represent you. Even if you voted for the other person, the official who was elected is still responsible for listening to you and accountable for your views.

The basics of lobbying are to make sure your public official knows who you are, what you want, and why whatever you are seeking (action, inaction, etc.) is the best outcome. The squeaky wheel in politics gets the attention. When you are a constituent, you have the power to affect change as much or more than any professional lobbyist, coalition, union, or industry group. This is because if you are a registered voter, you have the power to rehire—or fire—more public officials you seek action from.

This online course is intended to give you the basics of citizen lobbying. You will be guided through what is lobbying, who to lobbying, and different ways to lobbying your elected and appointed public officials. This course will also empower you to begin setting and attending meetings with elected and appointed public officials.

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