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  1. Thank you for your inquiry. We currently do not have plans to make this course available in an audio version. We do have in the works audio/visual lecture series. This should be available early in 2017. Sincerely, Kristin Wintermute Executive Director, The Humanist Institute/KOHE

  2. I found this to be extremely informative. As a ‘recovering Catholic’ (somewhat like an AA person, without the alcohol) I am more inclined to declare myself a Humanist!

  3. I learned a lot of humanist history and some new ideas like the life-stance. Thank you for this short humanist review.

  4. This overview of humanism reaffirmed convictions that I’ve maintained for a long time. I like the notion of life-stance.

  5. An excellent and thoroughly enjoyable overview of the broad sweep of human philosophizing since the Axial period!

  6. I appreciated this course. It was a excellent introduction to Humanism and helps me to understand where I am right now. I am a former Pentecostal Fundamentalism preacher and realize my journey has taken me somewhere that 25 years ago, I condemned. Thank you .

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