Positive Humanism

This course is based on the book, Positive Humanism: A Primer, by Bo Bennett, PhD.

“In his latest book, Positive Humanism: A Primer, Bennett makes a case for the application of science-based humanistic philosophies that establish and promote the positive effect of embracing a secular worldview.”TheHumanist.com

“I realized that much of the animosity and mistrust towards nonbelievers resulted from a lack of understanding–partly due to the nonbeliever’s inability to articulate his or her position on issues such as morality…I realized that promoting the benefits of a secular worldview rather than criticizing religious ones would be a far more effective way to let the religious community know that we non-believers are good, trustworthy, moral people who also experience awe, wonder, and joy.”–Bo Bennett interview with The Humanist.com

For more information on Positive Humanism (essays, Q & A and more): Positive Humanism: Living the Good, Secular Life

Enjoy the course!

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