Humanism Today: Volume Two 1986

The Aesthetics of Humanism:  Holiday, Ceremonies, History and Literature

Table of Contents

Developing a Humanistic Calendar, Frederick Edwords

Holidays of Humanism, Sherwin T. Wine

The Celebration of Humanist Holidays, Marilyn Rowens

Celebration of Humanism, Carol Wintermute

The Elements of Humanistic Ceremony of Dedication, Kenneth Gordon Hurto

Life Cycle Celebrations of Humanism, Carol Wintermute

Humanism and the Ceremony of Marriage, Khoren Arisian

Ceremonies of Death, Kenneth W. Phifer

The History of American Humanism, Edwin H. Wilson

Some Reflections on the Heritage of Humanism, Joseph Blau

The Literature of Humanism, John Hoad

Humanist Literature in Perspective, Arthur Dobrin

Nourishment for the Heart Side of Humanism, Edwin H. Wilson