Course Authors

Each course is authored by qualified experts in their fields.

  • Bo Bennet:  Positive Humanism
  • David Breeden:  Religious Humanism & Humanist Celebrant Trainings: Memorials & End of Life Preparation
  • Matt Cherry:  Introduction to Humanism
  • Christopher Driscoll:  Humanism Race, Co-Author
  • Jeaneance Fowler:  Religion and Spirituality
  • Kendyl Gibbons:  Humanist Celebrant Trainings: Weddings
  • Steven Goldberg:  Humanist Activism & Organization
  • Tim Gordinier:  Law and Politics
  • Reid Johnson:  Psychology and Humanism
  • Amanda Knief:  Political Activism: Lobbying and Campaigns & Voting
  • Dale McGowan:  Humanist Parenting
  • Monica R. Miller:  A Primer on Humanism and/in Hip-Hop & Humanism and Race, Co-Author
  • Massimo Pigliucci:  Science and Humanism
  • Howard Radest:  Philosophy and the Humanist Connection
  • Lewis Vaughn:  Ethics