What is KOHE?

Kochhar Online Humanist Education (KOHE) is a program of The Humanist Institute, a center for Humanist education that works in cooperation with other organizations to provide trainings for the full spectrum of Humanism. KOHE is the internet’s first website offering interactive courses in humanist thought. It aims to give individuals a clear understanding of humanism and to help them apply that understanding to better comprehend the work, develop personal potential, and contribute to a better society.

All courses require a registration and can be accessed at any time after logging in to your account. Some courses and resources are offered free-of-charge while other material have a small fee to help fund the maintenance and growth of this website. As a KOHE student, your email address will be added to our mailing list so you will be informed about new courses and upcoming events.


For questions or concerns, please email us at kwintermute@humanistinstitute.org.