Humanism Today: Volume Four 1988

Rethinking Humanism: History, Philosophy, Science

Table of Contents

Humanism and the Tradition of DissentEdward L. Ericson

The Human Dimensions of Twentieth Century PhysicsJane F. Koretz

The Riddle of Human Evil: Toward a Natural TheodicyKhoren Arisian

Ethical Issues in TechnologyVern Bullough

Humanism and Human Nature; Recovering the IndividualHarvey B. Sarles

Companionship (A Metaphor for Humanism)Howard B. Radest

BiogenesisLaurence Levine

Person-Centered LearningRoy R. Fairfield

New Questions from the New BiologyJane F. Koretz

Humanists and Their Values, Robert B. Tapp

Humanism and Freedom, Sherwin T. Wine

Euthanasia, Gerald A. Larue